Artwalk Downtown Billings
21st Season (2015-2016)


Holiday Artwalk, Friday, December 4, 2015
5 – 9 p.m.

Galleries, museums, studios and other “art-worthy” venues listed below are in alphabetical order.  All Venues are open during the Holiday Artwalk on Friday, December 4, 2015 from 5 - 9 pm.

Season Members are open for all five Artwalks during the 21st Season. One-Time Participants, designated (OTP), are open for specific Artwalks.  This list changes for each ArtWalk event.

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ArtHouse Cinema & Pub (OTP)
109 North 30th Street
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Daniel Stephenson @ 859-630-8251
phone: 406-534-1128

The Canvas Project” is a mixed media art show celebrating the creative spirit of work by (anonymous) folks served by The Community Crisis Center. Intended to give voice to the lonely, often ill and homeless people living in our midst, “The Canvas Project” is sponsored by the CMKY Church, Spare Change for Real Change and local businesses. This is ArtHouse Cinema's debut appearance in ArtWalk. You can find them on ArtWalk's Skypoint Loop. Light acoustic music and refreshments will be served. Welcome ArtHouse!

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Barjon's Books
233 North 29th Street
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Susan Powell
phone: 406.252.4398

Directions: At the corner of North 29th Street and 3rd Avenue, west of Alberta Bair Theatre.

Karyn Dunbar returns to Barjon's (on the Uptown Loop) for Holiday ArtWalk with an exhibit exploring ancient myths and modern themes surrounding crows and ravens. Works for sale include original acrylics and mixed mediums, prints and small gift items. Dunbar owns the Art Shelter Gallery and Gift Shop in Shell, Wyoming. Barjon's extended a special return invitation to Dunbar after her very successful show in 2014.

Better to Gather
2404 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Cassie LaGreca
phone: 312.206.8723 or 406.647.0835

Directions: On the west end of the historic Depot complex on Montana Avenue, across from The Rex Hotel.


Billings Food Bank
2112 - Fourth Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Sheryl Shandy
phone: 406.259-2826

Directions: Fourth Avenue North at North 21st Street heading east toward METRA.

Billings Open Studio (OTP)
2814 - 2nd Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101

“Noir” or ambiguity is mixed media exhibit presented at Billings Open Studio (BOS) by the MSUB Art Student League and Pottery Guild. BOS is located on the third floor of the historic, art deco Kress Building (itself a “gift of art to the community”) on Second Avenue North, next to the Babcock Theatre. Faculty advisor, Jodi Lightner, and art students will attend to discuss their multi-dimensional works. BOS is on ArtWalk's Skypoint Loop in the same building as Gallery Interiors. Entrance is off the alley.

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Catherine Louisa Gallery
103 North Broadway
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Catherine Louisa Eithier
phone: 406.670.7746

Directions: Between 1st and 2nd Avenue North, just south of Skypoint on North Broadway

Catherine Louisa Gallery presents its second annual Small Works Show for Holiday ArtWalk. It includes work from guest artists and artists represented by the gallery.

Chinatown Art Gallery
Address: 2624 Minnesota Avenue, Billings, MT 59101
contact: Pete Herzog
phone: 406.371.1085

Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop, on the southeast corner of South 27th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

Chinatown Gallery welcomes Billings artist, Jennifer Berry for Holiday ArtWalk. Berry discovered her love of "all things art" at Michigan's Hillsdale College. Berry creates paintings that emphasize color and texture on a large, physical scale. Her artistic muses include Matisse, Pollock and de Koonig. According to Chinatown's curator, Pete Herzog, "A minimalist, she ain't!"

Also showing at Chinatown (in the historic L&L Building on ArtWalk's Historic Loop) is Allen DeRockbraine (Thunder Comes Home), a member of the Hunkpapa Lakota Tribe from South Dakota's Standing Rock Reservation. DeRockbraine has worked in many mediums as an artist, including a stint as a tattoo artist. His paintings convey his perspective on the natural world and his American Indian heritage.
Works by regular Chinatown artists, including Sherrie Love, Fred DeFauw, Peter Herzog, Ben Pease and Robert Martinez, are also on view.

Clark Marten Photography
2606 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Jessica Nobil
phone: 256-5555

Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop on the south side of Montana Avenue east of North 27th Street.

Master Craftsman and professional photographer, Clark Marten, will show two new winter art prints that capture the majesty of Montana’s snow covered mountains and its winter landscape. Marten will greet visitors during Holiday ArtWalk. He has nearly three decades of experience as a photographer. His work - keen, bold and dramatic - has created stunning and expressive images that push beyond the ordinary.

Crooked Line Studio (OTP)
3330 4th Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
Contact: Julie Durrett
phone: 927-8041

Directions: Crooked Line Studio is  in the former Judith Wallander Insurance Agency office on Division Street @ 4th AVenue North.

Crooked Line Studio features a "Pop Up Art Market" for Holiday ArtWalk. Its festivities begin at 4 p.m. to give you more time to browse and shop. Located within ArtWalk's Downtown Loop on Division Street @ 4th Avenue North, Crooked Line will host singer-songwriter Jessica Lechner. Come and see who "pops up!" Refreshments will be served. ArtWalk attendees may view work from various class offerings (they believe everyone can draw a crooked line) and enter a drawing for free classes. Crooked Line Studio believes in the pure joy of creating and it adheres to a "no rules-no mistakes-no judgment philosophy."

CTA Architects Engineers
13 - North 23rd Street
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Brian Emmons
phone: 406.248.4755

Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop between Montana Avenue and 1st Avenue North on North 23rd Street.

Lynn Thorpe, a Billings artist and Wyoming native, retired from the faculty at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming in 2003. Her large-scale oil paintings interpret our western landscape from a stark, but sensuous point of view. Thorpe is known for merging traditional elements of land and sky with intentional exaggeration as if they were still life objects in a studio. Food and beverages will be served; Thorpe will be at CTA to discuss her work and greet visitors.

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del Alma Gallery & Studio
2507 Montana Avenue
Billings, MT 59101
contact: David Overturf
phone: 406.259.7755

Directions: On ArtWalk's Historic Loop one door west of Toucan Gallery on the 2500 block of Montana Avenue

del Alma Gallery and Studio welcomes Sarah Morris from Ennis, MT to Holiday ArtWalk. Morris grew up on a Montana farm; her vibrant paintings capture the emotions many Montanans feel about their state. We instantly relate to her mountain views, familiar highways and farm animals.

Morris, who will attend Holiday ArtWalk, writes, "I am a fine artist living in Montana. My art reflects my emotions for this beautiful chunk of our planet. Enjoy!”  David Overturf's photography and digital paintings will also be on display.



Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA)
2815 - 2nd Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Virginia Bryan
phone: 406.696.7121

Directions: One-half block west of Skypoint on 2nd Avenue North, next to the new Pita Pit.

Scott Beadle is the featured artist at the Downtown Billings Alliance for Holiday ArtWalk. A Billings boy, Beadle is now a television anchor in Little Rock, Arkansas. He began his career at Billings' KULR-8 TV. Beadle's photography captures the natural beauty of Montana's rugged landscapes and faraway places. An avid explorer and traveller, he believes "photography can be a tightrope. It can take us out of the moment, but it also saves moments and reminds us of the people, places, and experiences we hold most dear." Beadle looks forward to greeting old friends and meeting new ones during Holiday ArtWalk. Snacks and beverages will be provided..

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First Congregational Church – UCC
310 North 27th Street
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Ed Barta (406-780=9003)
phone: 406.245-6477 (church office)

Directions: On ArtWalk's Uptown Loop the corner of North 27th Street and 3rd Avenue North

Alaina Buffalo Spirit began making art in 2004 to cope with the pain of a family tragedy. A self-taught artist and a member of the So’Yaa’Eeo band of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Buffalo Spirit's ledger art is inspired by drawings rendered on military papers by Northern Cheyenne and Kiowa warriors held prisoner at military forts in Florida and Kansas.

“Through a Cheyenne Woman’s Eyes” will be on display at First Congregational Church UCC for Holiday ArtWalk. Many images are a tribute to influential women in the artist's life; they reveal the humor, beauty and sensuality of American Indian women. There will be an artist talk at 7:00 P.M. Classical music by “The Quintessentials” will be performed during the evening. Tasty treats and beverages will be served.

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Gallery Interiors
2814 2nd Avenue North
contact: Joe Booth
phone: (406) 248-2001

Directions: On the ArtWalk Skypoint Loop, Next to the Babcock Theatre on 2nd Avenue North.

Gallery Interiors hosts its annual "Ho Ho Ho" Show for the Holiday ArtWalk. "Ho Ho Ho" features charcoal Santa drawings by Joseph Booth and festive works by several local artists, including Bob Barlow, Dennis Boyd, Barbara Butler, Connie Herberg, Jim LeBar, James Poulson, Ben Steele, Robert Tompkins & Susie Van Pelt. Gallery Interiors invites you to stop buy and discover a “must have” holiday treasure.

Gallery Nine
connie dillon fine art
The Carlin Hotel Building
2501 Montana Avenue, Suite 9
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Connie Dillon
phone: 406.697.0225

Directions: On the second floor of the historic Carlin Hotel on Montana Avenue within ArtWalk's Historic Loop

Gallery Nine @ connie dillon fine art features its Annual Small Works Show and Sale for Holiday ArtWalk. Connie's original art makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

Global Village
2720 3rd Avenue North, Billings, MT 59101
contact: Candace Forrette

Directions: On the Uptown Loop Between North 27th Street and North Broadway on the south side of 3rd Avenue North and just a few doors to the west of City Hall.

Billings artist Rae Pavek began making jewelry to support the Montana Steampunk Ball and Expo in early 2015. Since then, her work has been shown in local galleries, at Yellowstone Art Museum, and at locations across the country. Pavek will be at Global Village during Holiday ArtWalk to gret visitors and talk about her unusual pieces and the Steampunk craze. Refreshments will be served.

Good Earth Market Apple Gallery
3024 2nd Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Vicki Van Buskirk
phone: 406.259.2622

Directions: On the corner of 2nd Avenue North at North 31st Street.

The Apple Gallery presents the work of three artists who are Good Earth Market members. The exhibit, entitled "Center of the Circle," includes work by Alaina Buffalo Spirit (Northern Cheyenne), Patrick Hill (Crow) and Sadie M. Deaver. Buffalo Spirit's work draws inspiration from the ledger art drawn by Plains Indian men who were held as war criminals far from home in the 1800s. They recorded their stories on ledger paper issued by the U.S. government for record-keeping. Patrick Hill has works as an artist, rare book collector, gallery owner and tour guide. He is a knowledgeable about events at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and Apsaa'looke (Crow) history. Native music using traditional drums and rattles will be provided by Sevovaaste Medicine Bull (Northern Cheyenne). Medicine Bull teaches at Dull Knife Collegein Lame Deer, Montana.  Refreshments will be served.

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Harry Koyama Fine Art
2509 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59102
contact: Harry Koyama
phone: 406.259.2261

Directions: On ArtWalk's Historic Loop next door to Toucan Gallery.


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Jason Jam Gallery
The Carlin Hotel Building
2501 Montana Avenue, Suite 7
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Jason Jam
phone: 406-530-4344

Directions: on the second floor of the Carlin Hotel on Montana Avenue.

Winter is brutal. So is Frosty the Snowjerk! Enjoy the comic art of Jason Jam with a new series of watercolor and ink comics featuring Frosty the Snowjerk and others during Holiday ArtWalk. Jam shows his more serious side in new watercolor and oil paintings. And Jam's best part, his wife Wendy Jam, will be on hand to share her vast collection of always beautifully detailed mandalas.


Address: 2822/2824 - 3rd Avenue North, Billings, MT 59101
contact: Connie Jens
Phone Number: 406 697 0153

Directions: One-half block west of the Alberta Bair Theatre on 3rd Avenue North near Barjon's.

"...And Nature Sings" features the work of porcelain artist LIsa Ernst and testile artist Alena Larson during Holiday ArtWalk. Both Montanans, they look to nature for inspiration to create innovative art. The show is open through December.

Ernst, whose porcelain pottery has a delicate, Monet-like quality, has discovered a satisfying balance between art and function. Each piece bears her signature wash glazes and is carefully etched or has inlaid designs. Ernst lives near Helena where she has teaches and keeps a studio. She is a former artist-in-residence at the Archie Bray Foundation.

Larson uses "eco-dying" in her botanical print making on silk and wool with materials gathered from Billings area gardens and trails. She seeks sculptural form and dramatic textures in her wearable and wall art. Larson, originally from Russia, works from her Billings home and is considered textile pioneer with her "eco-dying and "nuno felting."

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Kennedy’s Stained Glass
2923 - 2nd Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Susan Kennedy Sommerfeld
phone: 406.245.3788

Directions: At the Skypoint Loop At the corner of 2nd Avenue North and North 30th Street.

Kennedy's Stained Glass features new and restorative works in progress for West Park Village Chapel (Billings), Hope Lutheran Church (Bozeman) and Wayman Chapel (Billings). The studio is full of smaller stained glass pieces, fused and mosaic pieces that will delight the special people on your holiday gift list. Food and beverages will be provided.

Kim and Eddy's
2413 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Kim Kennedy or Edna Atwood
phone: 406.850.4036

Directions: On ArtWalk's Historic Loop, wo doors east of McCormick Cafe on Montana Avenue.

Kim and Eddy's Vintage & Junk Extravaganza will be "all lit up" for their second Holiday ArtWalk which features Christmas treasures that are doodled, collaged, salvaged and repurposed. Each unique piece at Kim and Eddy's is lovingly made by an artist nurturing his or her soul through the creative process.

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Limber Tree Yoga Studio and Spa
2701 - 1st Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Sharli Kiner
phone: 406.850.0460

Directions: East of the Northern Hotel on the ArtWalk Downtown Loop

Teresa (Tess) Lehman re-discovered her love for art when, living with her husband in Guatemala, she discovered the “small painting a day” movement one day. The rest is, shall we say, her-story. Tess was introduced to art by her Grandmother; she loved the study of art in high school and college. Her drafting degree allowed her to make a living as an artist before Guatemala. Since returning state-side, Tess has logged many hours at her easel. Her work was recognized in the Carbon County Arts Guild in December. Tess partnered with Billings Gazette photographer Casey Page to photograph and paint dogs, cats and other pets for BARK (Billings Animal Rescue Kare); 10% of all Holiday ArtWalk sales will be donated to BARK. Meet Tess, see her delightful paintings and enjoy complimentary food and beverages at LimberTree Yoga Spa and Studio.

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Meadowlark Gallery (OTP)
118 North 29th Street
Billings, MT 59101
Contact: Gary Temple
Phone: 406.294.8575

Directions: On ArtWalk's Skypoint Loop between 1st and 2nd Avenues North

Meadowlark Gallery, on North 29th Street within ArtWalk's Skypoint Loop, specializes in traditional western art, sculpture, furniture, collectibles and books. Meadowlark Gallery specializes in the work of Richard E. Bishop, Curt Dennis, Joe DeYong, Nixon Galloway, Bill Gollings, LeRoy Greene, Earl Heikka, Hans Kleiber, Robert W. Meyers, J. K. Ralston, Bernard P. Thomas, and Triangle Z Ranch Furniture. Contemporary artists include: Steve Aller, Valerie Amon, Hulan Fleming, Parke Goodman, Dave Hodges, Ron Jenkins, Steve Kelton, Robert A. Kercher, Steve Kuennen, Keith McMasters, Marylee M. Moreland, Cheryl Price, Robert Spannring, Jim Stevens, Tim Tanner, Bryan Tarter, Fred Thomas, and Tom Wolfe. All original artwork, over 500 works on the wall. Paintings, bronzes, etchings, working decoys, collectibles and books. Two staff accredited fine art appraisers available upon request. Work by notable western artists, Hans Kleiber, J. K. Ralston and others are shown alongside newer works by Steven Aller, Robert Kercher and Robert Spannring and their contemporaries. In all, Meadowlark has over 500 works of art on its walls. Meadowlark Gallery employs two accredited fine art appraisers.

McCormick Cafe
2419 Montana Avenue
contact: Bill Arbizanni
phone: 406-259-9502
Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop at Montana Avenue at Montana Avenue and North 24th Street.

Ev Bergeron spent her girlhood on an northeastern Montana farm and graduated from MSU Billings with a fine art degree. She works full-time as an artist and a Billings Art Association volunteer. She's studied under many well-known Montana artists and has participated in several juried exhibitions, shows and fundraisers, including the Yellowstone Art Museum Art Auction and the Montana Watercolor Association's Annual Exhibit. Bergeron will be at McCormick Cafe during Holiday ArtWalk.

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Northern Hotel
19 North Broadway
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Dawn Brown
phone: 406.867-6756

Directions: On the ArtWalk Downtown Loop on the corner of North Broadway and 1st Avenue North.

The historic, cowboy-chic lobby of the Northern Hotel welcomes local food writer, Stella Fong, and potter, Wayne Small, to Holiday ArtWalk. They are joined by photographer, Renata Haidle, jewelry artists, Cindy Lou Smith and Lori Miller (also a apron seamstress), watercolorist Meredith Hanson and wood craftsman, Russell Ness, who makes hand-tied fishing flies and shadow boxes.

Fong will sell and autograph copies of her recently released book, “Historic Restaurants of Billings: A Taste of the Magic City’s Past.” It includes photographs and stories from the famous Golden Belle, once a part of the Northern.

Small’s Rockin’ 7 Pottery is made from 100% Montana clay, hand dug on his central Montana horse ranch. Rockin’ 7 Pottery has no added minerals and feature natural and found objects also from the ranch. Your holiday gift-giving will go quickly with a visit to the Northern Hotel lobby during Holiday ArtWalk.

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Prodigal Gallery
2517 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Penelope Strong

Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop Near Lilac Restaurant on Montana Avenue


Pug Mahon's and Guido's Pizza
3011 - 1st Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Bill “Mac” MacIntyre
Phone: 406-259-4190

Directions: Pug Mahon's is on 1st Avenue North between North 30th and North 31st Streets.

Pug Mahon's and Bill “Mac” MacIntyre were instrumental in the creation of Billings' Art Alley, located in its western alley adjacent to its premises. New works appear daily in Art Alley from an array of graffiti artists, both newcomers and experienced. Weekends are the best times to see artists at work. Art Alley has become a popular photo shoot location.

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Sandstone Gallery
2913 2nd Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Jennifer Baretta
phone: 406.256.5837 or 406.671.3191

Directions: On ArtWalk's Skypoint Loop next to Tambo Studio and Gallery

Sandstone Gallery welcomes new and member artists to its Holiday ArtWalk and Artist Reception, including its newest member, Sharon Karlson. Karlson primarily paints landscapes and critters; her husband adds incredible frames.

Mary Knapp, retired Shepherd high school art teacher, will be at Sandstone to show off her contemporary, colorful, functional and decorative work, including one-of-a-kind fused glass pieces.
December's guest artist, Matthew Berg, is mostly self taught but influenced by Andrew Wyeth, Grant Wood, Edward Hopper and Salvador Dali. He writes, “In my still-lives, you see not only the basic objects in a composition but their interrelationships with one another. You can draw, I believe, many conclusions about the artist of a piece.”


SCRAP Billings (OTP)
21 South 29th Street
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Tammy Zemliska
phone: (406) 850-1876

ArtWalk welcomes SCRAP Billings to Holiday ArtWalk. SCRAP's mission is to inspire creative reuse of materials and promote environmentally sustainable behavior. It provides educational programs and affordable materials to the community. Billings is one of nine SCRAP locations in the United States. It runs solely on volunteer power and relies entirely on community donations for its inventory. Check out its and "like" it on Facebook at SCRAP Billings.

Several SCRAPPY Artists will be on-hand for Holiday ArtWalk, including Jessie Simondi, Angie Sellars, Rusty Fleming, Susan Stone, Mary Harcus and the delightfully pink-haired, iconic Michelle Dyk.

Stephen Haraden Studio
2911 Second Avenue North #235
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Stephen Haraden
phone: 406-259-9160

Directions: On the ArtWalk Skypoint Loop and the 2nd floor of the Hedden-Empire Building

Stephen Haraden Studio exhibits vibrant paintings from his “Angel” series. Also showing are recent collage works that incorporate cut-outs from previous paintings. Studio works in progress can also be seen. Stephen invites you to his second floor studio in the Hedden-Empire Building (entrance to the east of Sandstone Gallery) to chat about his work.

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Tambo Studio & Gallery
2921 2nd Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
phone: 406.860.9336
contact: Bob or Kit Tambo
Directions: On the ArtWalk Skypoint Loop, between Kennedy's Stained Glass and Sandstone Gallery

Photographer Meagan Boschert will be at Tambo Studio & Gallery to discuss her Montana-specific landscapes, agriculture and wildlife images. Boschert is inspired by her love of fly fishing and Montana’s natural beauty. More of her work, characterized by striking black and white contrasts, vivid colors, and unusual perspectives can be seen

Also showing will be original paintings by award-winning African artists that depict scenes of African wildlife and African culture. Proceeds of all gallery sales to humanitarian efforts in rural Uganda. Live music by classical guitarist Paul Melhaff plus snacks and beverages make for a festive event at Tambo Studio & Gallery.

Tompkins Fine Art Studio and Gallery
2501 Montana Avenue, Suite 4 (new location)
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Gayle or Bob Tompkins
phone: 406.860.3869
email: or
Directions: Tompkins Fine Art has moved to the second floor of the Carlin Hotel on Montana Avenue

Robert Tompkins
works in oils that reveal his appreciation of good design and color. His style is representational but impressionistic and he's best known for his flowers, landscapes and wildlife paintings. He's been invited to participate in the Great Falls “Out West” Show and Sale, the “Western Masters” show in Coeur d'Alene, ID and the Yellowstone Art Museum Auction. His work is shown in several regional galleries.

Nicholas Rayder joins Tompkins for Holiday ArtWalk. His impressionistic, sometimes abstract works often reveal explorations of different techniques for applying paint to paper. He uses parallel color and design combinations to call out a creative process that tells him when a piece is complete. Rayder is a former faculty member at Michigan State and UC Berkeley. He currently pursues his (first) love of art from Scottsdale, AZ and Crested Butte, CO.

Food and beverages will be served. Say hello to Bob and Gayle in their new location.

Toucan Gallery
2505 Montana Avenue
Billings, MT 59101
contacts: Allison O'Donnell or Mark Sanderson
phone: 406.252.0122
Directions: In the heart of the ArtWalk Historic Loop

Toucan Gallery, the birthplace of ArtWalk Downtown Billings, hosts Clancy, Montana artist, Len Eckel and its artists in its annual Holiday Showcase.

Before coming to Montana, Eckel was a professional designer for three decades and received acclaim for his logo and publication designs. In his current life as a full-time artist, he works in two-dimensional art and mixed media sculpture with an emphasis on color and form. He is drawn to the shapes, values, and colors of distinctive Montana icons, such as grain silos, tractors and cows. He renders his subject matter with deft strokes and saturated hues.

Toucan's Holiday Showcase includes works from over 40 artists that are particularly suited to gift-giving -- small paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, cards, hats, scarves and more. Seasonal food and beverage will be served.

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Underground Culture Krew (UCK)
12 North 29th Street
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Tyson Middle
Phone Number: 406-969-2272

Directions: On the west side of North 29th Street kitty coprner from the Western Heritage Center on Montana Avenue.

Underground Culture Krew (UCK) celebrates the contemporary work of Billings area, Abbie Ford. As a young child, Ford was driven by a constant need to create. She taught herself to use different mediums and experimented to achieve the her own style. She works with acrylic paint, color pencils, permanent and paint markers, as well as clay, stained glass, glazes, and found/re-purposed items. Her subjects include people, situations, and objects, shown in vibrant colors, flowing shapes, and bold compositions. UCK also showcases new works from its regular gallery artists for Holiday ArtWalk.


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Yellowstone Art Museum
401 North 27th Street, Billings, MT 59101
contact: Dixie Yelvington
phone: 406-256-6804 x224

Directions: On the corner of North 27th Street and 4th Avenue North.

The Yellowstone Art Museum (YAM) raises the bar for Holiday ArtWalk with its unveiling of a new Kevin RedStar work (on loan) in the "Boundless Visions: Selections from the Permanent Collection" exhibit on the first floor.
A haunting, challenging exhibit by Willem Volkersz, "Persistent Memories: Narrative Sculptures" explores a child's perspective of mounting death and loss in the years prior to World War II.

"A Lonely Business: Isabelle Johnson's Montana" captivates visitors in the large second floor gallery. Johnson's large body of work is displayed in chronological order; many pieces were bequeathed to YAM by the artist. Johnson is considered an early Montana modernist and mentor to many.

Live music will be provided by Carlos Uribe. Raven’s Café d’Art will be open for dinner during ArtWalk. A cash bar will be available. First drink fee for new YAM members and renewals. YAM's popular WinterFair will be open during ArtWalk and the following day.!

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Virginia A. Bryan, President

Artwalk Downtown Billings

2815 - 2nd Avenue North

Billings, Montana  59101



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   5 – 9 p.m.

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