Artwalk Downtown Billings
21st Season (2015-2016)


Winter ArtWalk, Friday, February 5, 201
5 – 9 p.m.

Galleries, museums, studios and other “art-worthy” venues  are listed below in alphabetical order.

All venues are open during the Winter ArtWalk on Friday, February 5, 2016 from 5 – 9 p. m.

Season Members are open for all five Artwalks during the 21st Season. One-Time Participants, designated (OTP), are open for specific Artwalks. This list changes for each ArtWalk event.

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Artists Anonymous Studio and Gallery (OTP)
111 North 30th, Suite 224
Billings, Montana 59101
Contacts: Jill Jussila

Jill Jussila, Emily Kennedy-Guerra and Katherine Rausch make their downtown debut at Artists Anonymous Studio and Gallery during Winter ArtWalk. Jussila is a painter and ceramicist; Guerra is a painter and photographer; Rausch is a photographer. All are artists trained in the Montana University system. The three will offer classes in painting, ceramics and mixed media at their 111 North 30th Street location above Art House Cinema, so stay tuned. Welcome to Winter ArtWalk, Artists Anonymous!

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Barjon's Books
233 North 29th Street
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Susan Powell
phone: 406.252.4398

Directions: At the corner of North 29th Street and 3rd Avenue, west of Alberta Bair Theatre.

Barjons introduces "Art Mix," group of four women artists, during Winter ArtWalk. They empower and encourage one another as working artists and include: Laura Harper, a fiber artist who loves to layer disparate items on fabric; Vickie Coonfare, a mixed media artist who creates images that speak to emotions via color, lines and texture; Cynde Williams, a textile artist who creates whimsical silk paintings; and encaustic artist, Brownie Snyder, who layers oil and cold wax to suggest the natural process of aging and deterioration. The foursome will be available for questions and conversation during Winter ArtWalk @ Barjons on the corner of 3rd Avenue North and North 29th Street. Welcome to ArtWalk, Art Mix!

Better to Gather
2404 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Cassie LaGreca
phone: 312.206.8723 or 406.647.0835

Directions: On the west end of the historic Depot complex on Montana Avenue, across from The Rex Hotel.
Better to Gather will not be open during Winter ArtWalk 2016


Billings Food Bank
2112 - Fourth Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Sheryl Shandy
phone: 406.259-2826

Directions: Fourth Avenue North at North 21st Street heading east toward METRA.

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Cassie Crafton Kramer (OTP)
504 Square Feet, LLP
2701 Montana Avenue #10
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Cassy Crafton Kramer

Cassy Crafton Kramer celebrates Winter ArtWalk with selections from her popular Montana Pride series and the debut of her 2016 Spring line that includes berry bowls and colanders. She recently relocated her 504 Square Feet gallery space to the second floor of the Carlin Hotel. Also showing work at 504 with be Cassy's artistic potter friends, Tana Patterson and Melinda Marisak. Congratulations, Cassy and best wishes in your new space!

Catherine Louisa Gallery
103 North Broadway
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Catherine Louisa Eithier
phone: 406.670.7746

Directions: Between 1st and 2nd Avenue North, just south of Skypoint on North Broadway

Popular MSU-Billings art professor (now retired) and working potter, Marcia Selsor, is one of the new artists featured at Catherine Louisa Gallery. Selsor now lives in Brownsville, Texas. During her time in Billings, she grew to love wild horses, trout fishing, hot rivers in below zero temperatures and the rigors of Montana living. Selsor has travelled to and studied art at the Archie Bray in Helena, Hawaii, Indiana, Spain and Uzbekistan. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Texas at Brownsville and now serves on its Potters Council Board of Directors. Still playing with fire and clay, Selsor now finds inspiration in the Rio Grande, exotic birds and the coastal sky of the Gulf Coast.

Chinatown Art Gallery
Address: 2624 Minnesota Avenue, Billings, MT 59101
contact: Pete Herzog
phone: 406.371.1085

Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop, on the southeast corner of South 27th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

Chinatown Gallery will highlight the work of its regular gallery artists, including: Peter Herzog, Fred DeFauw, Sherrie Love, Jen Berry, Ben Pease, Robert Martinez and Allen DeRockbraine. Refreshments will be served.

Ciao Mambo (Upstairs) (OTP)
2301 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Jeff Schlenker

Ian Sears and Ciao Mambo make an appearance in ArtWalk Downtown Billings during the Winter ArtWalk. Sears is a Billings artist who works in a variety of mediums to create photo-like images. His mixed media collages look as if they might be mosaics or palette knife paintings. Sears' exhibit is on the second floor, accessible by stairs next to the Ciao Mambo entrance on Montana Avenue. Stop by to welcome Ian Sears and Ciao Mambo to Winter ArtWalk!

Clark Marten Photography
2606 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Jessica Nobil
phone: 256-5555

Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop on the south side of Montana Avenue east of North 27th Street.

Crooked Line Studio (OTP)
3330 4th Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
Contact: Julie Durrett
phone: 927-8041

Directions: Crooked Line Studio is  in the former Judith Wallander Insurance Agency office on Division Street @ 4th AVenue North.

Crooked Line Studio will not be open during Winter ArtWalk 2016

CTA Architects Engineers
13 - North 23rd Street
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Brian Emmons
phone: 406.248.4755

Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop between Montana Avenue and 1st Avenue North @ North 23rd Street

Ed Barta’s “35 Years in the Darkroom” will be featured at CTA Architects Engineers for Winter ArtWalk. The photographic collection includes hand printed, black and white landscape photographs from Montana to East Berlin and places between. Ed will be on hand to discuss his images collected during his world-wide travels. Food and beverages will be served. The restored CTA building is, in itself, a work of art and worth a stop during Winter ArtWalk.

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del Alma Gallery & Studio
2507 Montana Avenue
Billings, MT 59101
contact: David Overturf
phone: 406.259.7755

Directions: On ArtWalk's Historic Loop one door west of Toucan Gallery on the 2500 block of Montana Avenue

 Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA)
2815 - 2nd Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Virginia Bryan
phone: 406.696.7121
Directions: On the ArtWalk Skypoint Loop on 2nd Avenue North next to the Pita Pit

Group 604 returns to the Downtown Billings Alliance office for Winter ArtWalk. Group 604 includes eight local artists and their exciting, thought-provoking mix of works in oil, acrylic, graphite, soft pastel, encaustic and ceramics. The show includes: Carol Welch's new aspen series in acrylic on canvas; Brownie Snyder's encaustic and mixed media landscapes; Lynn Thorpe's improvisional graphite drawings; Susan Stone's mystical, round encaustic shields; Carrie Hannah Sharp's functional and decorative ceramics; Julie Pederson's small works made using cold wax, charcoal and oil; and Scotta Anderson's soft pastels.

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First Congregational Church – UCC
310 North 27th Street
Billings, Montana 59101
Contact: Ed Barta @ 406.780.9003
Directions: On ArtWalk's Uptown Loop on the corner of North 27th Street @ 3rd Ave. No.

Work by pastel landscape artist Jim Vincent will grace the brick walls of the First Church UCC narthex during Winter ArtWalk. Many of Vincent's paintings are done on location in the Pryor Creek area and the Beartooth Mountains, hence the exhibit name, "Local Color." Vincent works in an impressionistic style with vivid color and is represented in area galleries. Vincent will be on hand during Winter ArtWalk. Tasty appetizers, beverages and live music will be a part of the festivities.

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Gallery Interiors
2814 2nd Avenue North
contact: Joe Booth
phone: (406) 248-2001
Directions: On the ArtWalk Skypoint Loop, on Second Avenue North next to the Babcock Theatre

Gallery Interiors is happy to host Billings artist/musician James Poulson playing solo guitar during the February 5th Winter ArtWalk. Enjoy his music & check out the original artwork of these local artists: Bob Barlow, Joseph Booth, Dennis Boyd, Barbara Butler, Connie Herberg, Jim LeBar, James Poulson, Jeff Schaezle, Ben Steele, Robert Tompkins, Susie Van Pelt & James Vincent.

Gallery Nine @ connie dillon fine art
The Carlin Hotel Building
2501 Montana Avenue, Suite 9
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Connie Dillon
phone: 406.697.0225
Directions: On the 2nd floor of the historic Carlin Hotel within ArtWalk's Historic Loop

Gallery Nine • connie dillon fine art will feature “Dahling, You Look Marble-less!” during Winter ArtWalk. The exhibit includes Dillon's popular marble paintings and others which range from miniature to large scale, with a price point for all budgets. Many new works will be on display.

Global Village
2720 3rd Avenue North, Billings, MT 59101
contact: Candace Forrette
phone: 406.259.3024
Directions: On the Uptown Loop just a few doors west of City Hall

Global Village invites you to meet self-taught beading artist, Cathy Ulrich, and enjoy special Valentine treats during Winter ArtWalk. Ulrich is inspired by Japanese designs and especially enjoys creating three-dimensional pieces, including cats, dogs and teddy bears. Global Village is located between North 27th and North Broadway on 3rd Avenue North in the Uptown Loop.

Good Earth Market's Apple Gallery
3024 - 2nd Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Vicki Van Buskirk
phone: 406.259.2622
Directions: On the corner of 2nd Avenue North at North 31st Street.

The Apple Gallery at Good Earth Market is pleased to present “Ideal Girl Retrospective” by Kari Haga during Winter ArtWalk. The show will remain up through April 30. Kari's work explores gender roles and how the glamorization of women is in stark contrast with actual life. Her mixed media work includes vintage dress patterns, fabric, notions and newspaper comics.

Celebrate Kari and her work during a Winter ArtWalk reception that includes complimentary refreshments and live music by “The Nothin’ Yet Trio” with musicians Leonard Meyer, Ben Meyer, and Ron Wickline.

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Harry Koyama Fine Art
2509 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59102
contact: Harry Koyama
phone: 406.259.2261

Directions: On ArtWalk's Historic Loop next door to Toucan Gallery.


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Jason Jam Gallery
The Carlin Hotel Building
2501 Montana Avenue #7
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Jason Jam
phone: 406-530-4344

Directions: On the 2nd floor of the historic Carlin Hotel on Montana Avenue

Jason Jam
will show new watercolors alongside his usual artistic absurdities during Winter ArtWalk. Jason Jam Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the Carlin Hotel in ArtWalk's Historic Loop on Montana Avenue.

Address: 2822/2824 - 3rd Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Connie Jens
Phone Number: 406 697 0153

Directions: One-half block west of the Alberta Bair Theatre on 3rd Avenue North near Barjon’s.

Connie Jens selects one-of-a-kind and unusual art pieces for sale in her gallery. Sculpture from reclaimed plumbing discards, silk scarves dyed with natural materials, gift cards painted by hand, garden goddesses created from bits and pieces, wire horses, and more.

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Kennedy's Stained Glass
2923 - Second Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Susan Kennedy Sommerfeld
phone: 406.245.3788

Directions: On the Skypoint Loop at the corner of 2nd Avenue North and North 30th

Susan Kennedy Sommerfeld's
"First Day of Creation" is a stained glass window currently under construction at Kennedy's Stained Glass during Winter ArtWalk. It is one of many fascinating and wonderful commissioned pieces that will be on view.

Kim and Eddy's Vintage & Junk Extravaganza
2413 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Kim Kennedy or Edna Atwood
phone: 406.850.4036

Directions: On ArtWalk's Historic Loop, two doors east of McCormick Cafe

Jean Posusta
is the featured Winter ArtWalk artist and writer at Kim and Eddy’s Vintage & Junk Extravaganza. Jean has taught writing at the college level; she writes song lyrics, magazine articles and has published several books on music and poetry and she mentors women in the arts. Her ArtWalk exhibit, “Tripod of Talent,” includes Jean’s work in a variety of mediums. Jean will also sign copies of her latest books, Hope We Don't Go To Paulette's Again Soon and Twisted Winds of Verango.

Kim and Eddy’s also hosts its regular artists: Pam Osborn, Beth Lamphier, Shariah Gable, Angela Campbell, Monica Maristeun, Paulette Wengeler and Brio Group. Food, beverages and live music are a part of Kim and Eddy’s festivities

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Limber Tree Yoga Studio and Spa
2701 - 1st Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Sharli Kiner
phone: 406.850.0460

Directions: East of the Northern Hotel on the ArtWalk Downtown Loop

Limber Tree Yoga Studio and Spa presents the meditative artwork of Wendy Jam during the Winter ArtWalk. Wendy has been creating geometric art since 2013. Of special note is a series a 100 drawings completed over 100 days in 2015, including mandalas, Zen art and doodles.

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McCormick Cafe
2419 Montana Avenue
contact: Bill Arbizanni
phone: 406-259-9502
Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop at Montana Avenue at Montana Avenue and North 24th Street.

Dell Despain is obsessed with Montana trout. Luckily, he works as an area fishing guide. His fascination with fish, combined with his keen eye for vintage and unusual Montana license plates, has led to his creation of big, bold Montana fish that will captivate the Winter ArtWalk audience at McCormick Cafe. Despain studied art at the University of Utah. Come and meet Dell and his school of fish at McCormick Cafe to learn how he balances the loves of his life: trout, art and Montana.

Also, Lisa-Heather Knutson exhibits her solo show, “Enchanted Forest” at McCormick Cafe during Winter ArtWalk. Knutson uses color and texture to reveals bolts of illumination in nature. Her dream-like work might include over exaggerated tree trunks or a brilliant moon suspended in surreal sky. Often her paintings are inspired by inconsequential moments that are infused with memories and movement. Both artists will be at McCormick Cafe during Winter ArtWalk.

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Northern Hotel
19 North Broadway
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Dawn Brown
phone: 406.867-6756

Directions: On the ArtWalk Downtown Loop on the corner of North Broadway and 1st Avenue North

Lori Miller's delightful, hand-made aprons will make a perfect Valentine's Day gift for the cook you love! Embellished with buttons, rick rack, contrasting fabric, they will make your favorite cook look and feel like the kitchen artist he/she is. Lori will have aprons galore available in the vintage, cowboy chic Northern Hotel lobby during Winter ArtWalk. Also the family of Glenda Ramsey (now deceased) will have paintings for sale in the Northern Hotel. Glenda was a popular Billings artist and member of Billings Art Association.

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Prodigal Gallery
2517 Montana Avenue
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Penelope Strong
Directions: On the ArtWalk Historic Loop near Lilac Restaurant on Montana Avenue

Pug Mahon's and Guido's Pizzeria
3011 - 1st Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Bill “Mac” MacIntyre
Phone: 406-259-4190
Directions: On 1st Avenue North between North 30th and North 31st Streets.

Bill MacIntyre, proprietor of Pug Mahons, was instrumental in securing alley space for Billings' new and popular Art Alley, adjacent to the Pug Mahons establishment. Work in Art Alley changes frequently. Weekends are a great time to see graffiti artists at work in Art Alley.

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Sandstone Gallery
2913 2nd Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Jennifer Baretta
phone: 406.256.5837 or 406.671.3191
Directions: On ArtWalk's Skypoint Loop next to Tambo Studio and Gallery

Sandstone Gallery welcomes guest artist, Gary Little, who works in bas relief and mixed media large scale pieces. Featured gallery artists are photographer, John Havener, and sculptor, William Crain.
Crain has worked with alabaster and Italian marble since 1971. He was a self-described artist in the 2nd grade. He writes: "Chiseling my way to some kind of connection with my ancestors in the field, leaves me happily in the dust of our endeavors…”

SCRAP Billings (OTP)
21 South 29th Street
Billings, MT 59101
contact: Tammy Zemliska
phone: (406) 850-1876

ArtWalk welcomes SCRAP Billings to Holiday ArtWalk. SCRAP's mission is to inspire creative reuse of materials and promote environmentally sustainable behavior. It provides educational programs and affordable materials to the community. Billings is one of nine SCRAP locations in the United States. It runs solely on volunteer power and relies entirely on community donations for its inventory. Check out its and "like" it on Facebook at SCRAP Billings.

Several SCRAPPY Artists will be on-hand for Holiday ArtWalk, including Jessie Simondi, Angie Sellars, Rusty Fleming, Susan Stone, Mary Harcus and the delightfully pink-haired, iconic Michelle Dyk.

Snook Art Co. (OTP)
2420 Second Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Loren Entz
phone: 406.647.8333

Loren Entz opens Snook Art Co for Winter ArtWalk with a new gallery that features local and regional western artists. This is your chance to see the sofa that Ernest Hemingway slept on during a visit to Billings and the interior of the intriguing brick home that must have been one of Billings' most interesting artistic and literary places in the early and middle years of the 1900s. Snook Art Co. is located two blocks east of Wells Fargo on Second Avenue North. Well done, Loren Entz! Welcome to Winter ArtWalk.

Stephen Haraden Studio
2911 Second Avenue North #235
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Stephen Haraden
phone: 406-259-9160

Directions: On the ArtWalk Skypoint Loop and the 2nd floor of the Hedden-Empire Building

Stephen Haraden displays " Some Beliefs" and other paintings and collages at his studio/gallery located on the 2nd floor of the Hedden-Empire Building on 2nd Avenue North during Winter ArtWalk. It's always interesting to chat with Stephen about his works in progress.

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Tambo Studio & Gallery
2921 2nd Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
phone: 406.860.9336
contact: Bob or Kit Tambo

Directions: On the ArtWalk Skypoint Loop, between Kennedy's Stained Glass and Sandstone Gallery

Photographer Meagan Boschert will be at Tambo Studio & Gallery to discuss her Montana-specific landscapes, agriculture and wildlife images. Boschert is inspired by her love of fly fishing and Montana’s natural beauty. More of her work, characterized by striking black and white contrasts, vivid colors, and unusual perspectives can be seen

Also showing will be original paintings by award-winning African artists that depict scenes of African wildlife and African culture. Proceeds of all gallery sales to humanitarian efforts in rural Uganda. Live music by classical guitarist Paul Melhaff plus snacks and beverages make for a festive event at Tambo Studio & Gallery.

Tompkins Fine Art Studio and Gallery
2501 Montana Avenue, Suite 4 (new location)
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Gayle or Bob Tompkins
phone: 406.860.3869
email: or

Directions: Tompkins Fine Art has moved to the second floor of the Carlin Hotel on Montana Avenue

Robert Tompkins
works in oils that reveal his appreciation of good design and color. His style is representational but impressionistic and he's best known for his flowers, landscapes and wildlife paintings. He's been invited to participate in the Great Falls “Out West” Show and Sale, the “Western Masters” show in Coeur d'Alene, ID and the Yellowstone Art Museum Auction. His work is shown in several regional galleries. Say hello to Bob in his new location on the second floor of the Carlin Hotel.

Toucan Gallery
2505 Montana Avenue
Billings, MT 59101
contacts: Allison O'Donnell or Mark Sanderson
phone: 406.252.0122

Directions: In the heart of the ArtWalk Historic Loop

Toucan Gallery, the birthplace of ArtWalk Downtown Billings, Toucan celebrates Valentine's Day with a showing of artisan jewelry in keeping with its quest to bring unique and beautiful hand-crafted items to the Billings community. Featured artistan is Kelsey McDonnell, an MSU-Billings graduate currently working from her studio in Buffalo, Wyoming, McDonnell is an ambitious, multi-disciplinary artist who has developed an extensive line of jewelry products in addition to her more traditional fine art paintings. Also showing are more than a dozen jewelry artisans and the gallery's more than 40 artists who create small paintings, sculpture and pottery, jewelry and glass, cards and prints, hats and scarves, and many other eclectic creations. Seasonal food and beverage will be served.

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Underground Culture Krew (UCK)
12 North 29th Street
Billings, Montana 59101
contact: Tyson Middle
Phone Number: 406-969-2272

Directions: On the west side of North 29th Street kitty corner from the Western Heritage Center on Montana Avenue.

Soul Sisters, Angie Sellars and Jessie Simondi, will be at Underground Culture Krew for Winter ArtWalk. Both women have done outdoor mural works in Roundup, Montana. In her work, Sellars seeks " capture a moment, a glimmer, a glance, an expression that strikes a corner of the heart, that tickles the soul.“ Simondi takes a more mystical approach and tries to create works that "grasp at the soul and touch the heart, where she believes there is always a story, an adventure, a legend." UCK will offer music, food and refreshments during Winter ArtWalk.


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Yellowstone Art Museum
401 North 27th Street, Billings, MT 59101
contact: Dixie Yelvington
phone: 406-256-6804 x224

Directions: On the corner of North 27th Street and 4th Avenue North.

Art Auction 48 will be up for viewing at Yellowstone Art Museum during Winter ArtWalk and will remain on view through March 5, the date of the silent and live auction. The YAM Art Auction, an annual event that draws artists and patrons from a multi-state region, raises support for the exhibitions and educational programs provided by YAM throughout the year.

Boundless Visions: Selections from the Permanent Collection, also on view, features changing selections from the YAM's permanent collection and include pieces from the late nineteenth-century to the present. This long-term, one-of-a-kind Montana exhibit tells the story of our region’s art from its beginnings to the present day.

Billings artists Aaron Nathan and Michelle Dyk are featured in the Consignment Gallery. Both will be on hand to chat about their art. Free admission. Live music by Earthshine. Cash bar and light hors d’oeuvres. First drink free for new member sign-ups and membership renewals. Raven Café d’Art will be open for dinner.

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Virginia A. Bryan, President

Artwalk Downtown Billings

2815 - 2nd Avenue North

Billings, Montana  59101



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