ArtWalk Downtown Billings - 22nd Season (2016-2017)


Spring ArtWalk Downtown Billings
Friday, May 6, 2016 5 – 9 p.m.

Galleries, museums, studios and other “art-worthy” venues are listed alphabetically. ArtWalk hours are 5 – 9 p. m. Season Members are open for all five ArtWalks (unless otherwise noted). One-Time Participants, designated (OTP), are open for specific ArtWalks. This list is for Spirng ArtWalk on Friday, May 6, 2016. The list changes for each event.

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Artists Anonymous Studio and Gallery

111 North 30th, Suite 224
contact: Jill Jussila
Skypoint Loop

Artists Anonymous, a new season member, is the combined studio of Emily Kennedy-Guerra and Jill Jussila. Emily's series " The After" combines photography and painting. Jill shows a variety of sushi sets and other pottery .Visiting artist Katherine Rausch displays her photography series "Between Two Buildings." Hand built Little Free Libraries by Charlie Lees are also showing. Refreshments served.

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724 1st Avenue North
contact: Kristy Berkamoes
Historic Loop

Rob Johnson is one of several artists at Beyond the Box (BTB). Inspired by the bright and colorful art of Peter Max and other 60’s pop-artists, Johnson describes his materials as "Pen & Pixel.” He uses felt pen and ink on various weights of paper to create multiple drawings. He then scans them into his Mac computer and adds color highlights. Musicians "Spur of the Moment," the Mexican Flavor Food Truck and a cash bar with wine and beer options add to the festivities.

Billings Food Bank
2112 - Fourth Avenue North
contact: Sheryl Shandy
Uptown Loop

Harold "Harry" Merchant has great credentials: grandfather, baseball coach, humanitarian and chaplain. He began painting with oils in retirement. With his many roles, he never runs out of painting subjects. Stop by to meet this kind, creative man and talk about his art.

“Bitter Pill” @ Billings Public Library (OTP)
510 North Broadway
Uptown Loop

“Bitter Pill: Montana Lives Affected by Rx Abuse” is a juried art exhibit organized by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Montana U.S. Attorney’s Office, and Montana Attorney General’s Resolve Montana initiative. Works by Montana artists from Ekalaka to Frenchtown were selected to draw attention to prescription drug abuse and recovery. The exhibit makes its Montana debut at Billings Public Library and travels to other Montana locations in the coming year.

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Cassie Crafton Kramer, 504 Square Feet, LLP
The Carlin Hotel Building #10
2701 Montana Avenue
contact: Cassy Crafton Kramer
Historic Loop

Catherine Louisa Gallery
103 North Broadway
contact: Catherine Eithier
Downtown Loop

Clark Marten Photography
2606 Montana Avenue
contact: Jessica Nobil
Historic Loop

Clark Marten Photography welcomes Elley Swan . Largely self-taught, Swan grows as an artist with every painting she creates. She's honing her artistic vision with vibrant and bold colors, while her eclectic style imbues joy, hope and optimism. Clark Marten's art photographs will be on display.

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del Alma Gallery & Studio
2507 Montana Avenue
contact: David Overturf
Historic Loop

Magpies, buffalo, horses, big skies and open roads are muses for Montana artist Sarah Morris. Her palette of uplifting colors are contemporary, yet they evoke nostalgia in the viewer's mind. Morris will be at del Alma during Spring ArtWalk. She shows her work alongside del Alma owner, David Overturf, who works in photography, digital painting and other media.

Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA)
2815 - 2nd Avenue North
contact: Virginia Bryan
Skypoint Loop

Katie Standish Machain was a Billings girl before graduating from the University of Montana. She's come back home to share her woodcut exhibit, Natural Occurrence. Katie works from a small home studio in Missoula, using traditional printmaking tools and a process that involves hand-carving on a single block of wood. Subsequent reverse, multi-layered printings produce intriguing colors, patterns and images drawn from nature.

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First Congregational Church UCC
310 North 27th Street
contact: Edward Barta
Uptown Loop

"Classic Organ Music and Art" is a visual and auditory exhibit. Members of Yellowstone Chapter of the American Guild of Organists will play classical arrangements in the sanctuary. Bozeman organist Tim Bell will lead a discussion of well-known art pieces that include the organ as subject matter. Rick Zimmerman shows his award-winning landscape photography. Refreshments served.

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Gallery Interiors
2814 2nd Avenue North
contact: Joe Booth or
Skypoint Loop

Gallery Interiors welcomes Mike Barlow, a Livingston wildlife sculptor, with a national reputation. Billings artist and musician, James Poulson plays solo guitar. Barlow and Poulson join other artists Bob Barlow, Joseph Booth, Dennis Boyd, Barbara Butler, Greg Eislein, Connie Herberg, Jim LeBar, Jeff Schaezle, Ben Steele, Robert Tompkins, Joseph Trakimas, Susie Van Pelt and James Vincent.

Gallery Nine @ connie dillon fine art
The Carlin Hotel Building #9
2501 Montana Avenue
contact: Connie Dillon
Historic Loop

Connie Dillon unveils new works alongside a wide selection of original photographs and paintings and a new line of handmade notebooks she calls “Noted.” Her works range in size from miniature to large scale. Connie has a painting in the exhibit “Bitter Pill: Montana Lives Affected by Rx Drug Abuse” on display during Spring ArtWalk at Billings Public Library.

Global Village
2720 3rd Avenue North
contact: Candace Forrette
Uptown Loop

"Women of Steel" metal artists Susan Plath and Jennifer Tolton return to Global Village to celebrate their continued evolution as welders and their mastery of tools and a craft once thought "off limits" to women. Meet the artists and enjoy refreshments.

Good Earth Market's Apple Gallery
3024 2nd Avenue North
contact: Vicki Van Buskirk
Skypoint Loop

Good Earth Market hosts a juried show of work by co-op grocery members. Richard Clawson, longtime ArtWalk supporter and former director of Grafix Studio, will select pieces for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. The show includes an array of talent with works in oil and acrylic, fabric, mosaic, glass and clay. On view through July 30th.

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Harry Koyama Fine Art
contact: Harry Koyama
2509 Montana Avenue
Historic Loop

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Jason Jam Gallery
The Carlin Hotel Building #7
2501 Montana Avenue
contact: Jason Jam
Historic Loop

Jason and Wendy Jam, ArtWalk's super talented couple, join forces in "Return of the Super Cute!" Wendy has created new amigurumi yarn dolls. Jason puts the dolls in storybook settings with ink and watercolor. Could these be any sweeter? Guest artist Susan Germer shows her latest jewelry creations.

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Kennedy's Stained Glass
2923 - Second Avenue North
contact: Susan Kennedy Sommerfeld
Skypoint Loop

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Limber Tree Yoga Studio
212 North 29th Street
contact: Sharli Kiner
Skypoint Loop

Juliet Parks has been making art since childhood. Her style and artistic voice matured and took shape when she studied art at the University of Montana. Juliet views painting as a mediation both for herself and the viewer. Her exhibit, “Mindscapes” include abstract pieces with therapeutic earth tones and bright acrylic washes pooled and layered to form organic shapes.

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Tyler Murphy, Montana Gallery and Studio
2710 - 2nd Avenue North
contact: Tyler Murphy
Phone: 406.672.9605
Skypoint Loop

Tyler Murphy recently moved his art studio and gallery from Red Lodge to downtown Billings. He's excited about his move and invites all to celebrate his gallery's grand opening during Spring ArtWalk.

McCormick Cafe
2419 Montana Avenue
contact: Bill Arbizzani
Historic Loop

Mann Mortgage
2511 Montana Avenue
contact: Greg Ando
Historic Loop

Mann Mortgage joins ArtWalk in its new Montana Avenue location and hosts Billings artist, Bob Tompkins, for its inaugural show. Tompkins is known for his impressionistic landscapes, wildlife, still life and American Indian portraits; his work remains up at Mann Mortgage through July. A portion of art sales will be donated to Wise Wonders Children’s Museum, a project of the Junior League of Billings.

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Prodigal Gallery
2517 Montana Avenue
contact: Penelope Strong
Historic Loop

Pug Mahons
3011 - 1st Avenue North
Bill “Mac” MacIntyre
Downtown Loop

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Sandstone Gallery
2913 - 2nd Avenue North
contact: Jennifer Baretta
406.256.5837 or 671.3191
Skypoint Loop

Lana Bittner and Dick Cottrell, both gallery co-op members, and Ev Bergeron, guest artist, are feted at an ArtWalk opening reception. Bittner creates luscious free-flowing florals with ink alcohol on yupo paper. Cottrell is a sculptor noted for his wildlife bronzes. Bergeron is a landscape artist.

SCRaP in Billings
21 South 29th Street
contact: Tammy Zemliska
Historic Loop

SCRaP in Billings, a new season member, hosts artists enrolled in the Montana Arts Council MAP program. MAP teaches the business of art to emerging Montana artists. Current and former MAP artists will be on hand to discuss and exhibit their work.

Snook Art Co. and Loren Entz (OTP)
2420 Second Avenue North
contact: Loren Entz
Skypoint Loop

Loren Entz and Snook Art Co. host Ben Steele, Bataan Death March survivor, school namesake and retired art professor. Ben will attend, health permitting. Loren Entz creates and exhibits art in a vintage home and gallery built by Earl Snook. Prior to WWII, Earl Snook hired young Ben Steele to help with restoration and glass work at the same time he provided studio space for Will James, noted western artist. Ben was inspired by James. Now 98, he still inspires others. Art by Jacquie Pritting-Kittson, one of Steele’s former students, is also displayed in the exhibit, “Life Comes Full Circle.” A presentation by Mayor and Mrs. Hanel begins at 5:30 p.m.

Stephen Haraden Studio
2911 Second Avenue North #235
contact: Stephen Haraden
Skypoint Loop

Stephen Haraden, dedicated artist and long-time ArtWalk member, continues to explore shape and color by cutting up previous paintings and creating new collages. His latest palette of colors is influenced by the fresh greens of a Montana spring. Stephen invites you to visit his studio, view his collages and discuss works in progress.

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Toucan Gallery
2505 Montana Avenue
contact: Allison O'Donnell or Marc Sanderson
Historic Loop

Amanda Heimbuch has a pottery studio and storefront known as “Country Girl Clay” in Glendive, Montana. Her functional stoneware pieces look right at home among the Toucan's eclectic array of work by other area potters. Heimbuch will be at the Toucan to chat about her work and her artist's life in eastern Montana. Seasonal refreshments served.

2314 Montana Avenue
Historic Loop

Danielle Paxinos presents an eclectic group of acrylic paintings in her first ArtWalk appearance. Her versatile work includes iconic figures, animals, and the natural world as subjects. It's also Trailhead Spirits first time as an ArtWalk host.

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Underground Culture Krew
19 North 29th Street
contact: Tyson Middle
Downtown Loop

Underground Culture Krew (UCK) kicks it up a notch for Spring ArtWalk. Works by gallery members on canvas, drywall, vinyl records, clay, model trains and repurposed objects are on exhibit. UCK owner, Tyson Middle, oversees Art Alley. He's a mover and shaker in the local graffitti movement. Refreshments served.
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Yellowstone Art Museum
401 North 27th Street
contact: Dixie Yelvington
406.256.6804 x 224
Uptown Loop

In an exhibit that explores the intersection of observation and imagination entitled “Harold Schotzhauer: The Shape of Motion,” the Bozeman artist and retired art professor uses a vivid, visual language in his creations of shapes, lines, and sweeping color that seem to dance as if choreographed.

“The Falcon’s Eye: Nature Photographs by Michael Sample” celebrates Sample’s life, his creative spirit and his work as a photographer and philathropist.

Whimsical kinectic art pieces by Stephen Glueckert in the Collector's Corner include small hand-cranks that allow viewers to activate moving parts. The 360 Skateboard Design Competition and Exhibition invites visitors to vote for their favorite designs. Music by Rod Tochihara, light hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. Free admission.

Virginia A. Bryan, President
Artwalk Downtown Billings
2815 - 2nd Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
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Spring ArtWalk on May 6, 2016  
5 – 9 p.m.

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ArtWalk Downtown Billings
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