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What are the links to ArtWalk Downtown Billings on Facebook and Instagram?

You can find ArtWalk on Facebook and Instagram @billingsartwalk.  “Like” us on either or both to receive updates on art events, interesting reads, plus images and gallery notes prior to each ArtWalk.

I have a great picture from a recent ArtWalk. Where can I share it?

We are always looking for good ArtWalk photos to use in our publicity, in social media and elsewhere. Please send your photo as an email attachment to: or post it on your social media page and add #billingsartwalk. Tell us the names of the persons in the photo, where it was taken and by whom. We’ll let you know if and where we publish the photo on Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere. Thanks!

What are the dates for the 2022 ArtWalks?   

We have returned to our traditional schedule.  ArtWalk events are scheduled on the first Fridays of February, April, June, August, October and December 2022.  ArtWalk events are from 5 – 9 p.m.
Does it cost money to attend ArtWalk?

No. All ArtWalk events are free.

Who pays for the food and beverages at ArtWalk events?

Food and beverages at ArtWalk events are courtesy of various ArtWalk hosts.

Where can I park during ArtWalk?

Metered on-street downtown parking is free after 5 p.m. during ArtWalk. events.  Ample city garage parking is available during ArtWalk hours. Rates vary, so check first.  Garages are seldom full during ArtWalks. We encourage you to find a parking spot for the evening and walk to various locations.

Who pays for the printing, publicity and other costs of ArtWalk events?

Printing, publicity and all other costs associated with ArtWalk Downtown Billings are paid for by season member dues, one-time participant fees and generous sponsorships.  We have a mobile-friendly map that is published on this website early in the week of a scheduled ArtWalk event.

Why do some locations have ArtWalk sidewalk signs on ArtWalk nights and others don’t?

Only ArtWalk Season Members and One-Time Participants display ArtWalk sidewalk signage during our events. They confirm who is an ArtWalk Season Member and who is a One-Time Participant. We encourage you to spend your ArtWalk dollars at participating locations that share in the organization and expense of staging free ArtWalk events each year. Without them, there wouldn’t be an ArtWalk.  Also, only ArtWalk Season Members and One-Time Participants are listed on this website and entitled to advertise their events as part of the ArtWalk.

How do I become an ArtWalk Season Member?

ArtWalk Season Memberships are $400.00 for the 28th Season.  This fee includes all six events in 2022.

What are the benefits of being a Season Member?

Season Members receive priority listing on each ArtWalk map.   They have a gallery page on this website and are featured on Facebook and Instagram @billingsartwalk.  Season Members attend and vote at the Annual Meeting and may serve on the ArtWalk Board of Directors. The cost per event is reduced for Season Members.  Season Members’ art images are used for publicity during throughout the season. Season Members receive a rebar stand and ArtWalk sign for their use during the season.

Who makes the decisions regarding how ArtWalk is organized?

Day to day decisions regarding ArtWalk are made by the Director, subject to the oversight of the ArtWalk Board of Directors. The ArtWalk Board is elected annually.

I want to show my art during ArtWalk. What should I do?

First, spend some time becoming familiar with the ArtWalk locations by attending a few ArtWalk events and observing the art featured.  Some galleries invite guest artists. Other galleries represent specific artists and highlight only their artists’ work during ArtWalk events. Other venues feature different rotating artists.

We encourage you to read the FAQ section on this website as it will answer many of your questions.  While it is the artist’s responsibility to find a suitable exhibit space, we are able to offer suggestions.  Details and costs vary from site to site.

May I host just one ArtWalk event during the season?

Absolutely! We understand that it is a big commitment to become a Season Member. A One-Time Participant fee is $150.00. Contact the ArtWalk Director for details on deadlines and what you need to submit.   One-Time Participants do not have voting privileges at the Annual Meeting, nor can they serve on the ArtWalk Board.

Where do I send my Season Member dues, One-Time Participant fees and/or Sponsorship check?

Send your check to: ArtWalk Downtown Billings, POB 1022, Billings, Montana 59103.

How do I become an ArtWalk Season Sponsor?

An ArtWalk sponsorship is $400 for the 2022 Season. A sponsorship entitles you to an advertisement on each ArtWalk map, recognition on the ArtWalk website and acknowledgement on Facebook and Instagram. Contact the ArtWalk Director for more details. We’d love to have you as an ArtWalk Season Sponsor!

Can I be a One-Time Sponsor for a specific ArtWalk event?

You bet! The cost for a one-time sponsorship fee is $150.00. If you decide to become a Season Sponsor, we’ll apply this fee to the total cost. You receive the benefits of a Season Sponsor, but on a per event basis.

Where can I find gallery notes and featured art prior to ArtWalk?

Gallery notes and featured art images are posted on Facebook and Instagram and our website,, in the two weeks before each ArtWalk event.

Where can I find an ArtWalk maps?

Look for the map link on this website for a current, mobile-friendly and printable ArtWalk map.

Are there ArtWalk locations that host artists for individual ArtWalks?

Yes. Several locations are willing to host individual artists. Some of these locations are Season Members. Others locations participate when and if they have artists who want to exhibit. Usage arrangements and payment of the ArtWalk fees are between the artist and the host.